Bebird supports both IOS 8.1 and above version Android 4.2 and above version, please confirm the phone system is correct before purchase, wrong phone system may lead to imaging failure

Q: The screen will not be displayed after the WIFI connection is successful.

A: Since iOS 14.0 and above have privacy Settings, if your phone or tablet is iOS 14.0 and above, please select our app as available in your device [Settings – Privacy Settings – Local Network].

Q: You need to enter your password after connecting to Bebird-XXXX WIFI.

A: For A few mobile phone models, you need to enter bebird wifi password: 12345678 to connect to Bebird-XXXX WIFI

If you have any questions, please write to us and we will respond positively.

How to download and install APP?

Please follow the steps below.

1) Use your phone scan QR code to download the be bird APP, (APP download-be bird then chose IOS/Android)

2) Enter APP select your Bebird Model.

3) Power on, lighting flashing.

4) Turn on the WIFI of your phone, Connect product WiFi”Bebird-XX-XXXX”(the wi-fi will auto connecting after the first successful connection)

5) Back to be bird APP, click on “Start” to use it

Click on the tweezers sign to switch between tweezers opening and tweezers clamping ( Only Model have tweezer Note 3)